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Medical Scientific BOLETIN Instrucciones para autores

Instructions for authors

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Listed in Cumulative Index and Index Medicus No. ISSN-0004-4849 - Registrered in Latindex (Sistema Regional de Información en Línea para Revistas Científicas de América Latina, el Caribe, España y Portugal).


Impact factor: 0.107

Published since 1903 


We publish our magazine quaterly: january/march, april/june, july/september, october/december.
You could publish your article if you sent it, at list, 3 months before dead lines (march 20, June 20, September 20 and December 20).
You must sent your articule to: [email protected], writting the complete tittle in the SUBJECT of your email.
You should include your article and ilustrations together in a folder. The name of the folder must include, at list, 5 first words of the article's tittle, written as follows: 
The_prevalence_of_sexually_transmitted_diseases. THEN, ZIP THE ARCHIVE.
Take note you have to reference the place of your article were each ilustration have to be included, as follows: [fig 1].
The articule must contain:

  • Tittle

  • Specialty

  • Authors

  • Faculties

  • ABSTRACT in english, and spanish

  • TEXT in english

  • REFERENCES in english

Please, reference your text using numbers in brackets, as follows: (12), never use under or upper lines.

Tittle: ARIAL BLACK 14
Sub-tittle: ARIAL BLACK 11
Text: ARIAL 11
References: ARIAL 9
Paragraph: single
Editor: Word (doc or docx), Open office (odt), or Adobe Acrobat (pdf)
Ilustrations: pdf, tif, png, gif, jpg (hig definition)

Your article will be evaluated by our BOARD OF EDITORS

Questions and claims: [email protected] (please, don't call to Asociacion Medica)